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Seppi SMO avs

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SMO avs is a very strong SEPPI offsetting flail mower. SMO avs mulches grass and brush up to 7 cm [2.8“] in diameter. Hydraulic angling and hydraulic side shift make it possible to work in many different positions and situations. SEPPI SMO avs mulcher is thus suitable for the maintenance of greenspace such as slopes, road sides, or of steep orchards and vineyards and also in forestry. As by all the SEPPI flail mulching mowers, it is possible to adjust the height of cut and the degree of mulching. Counterknives inside the casing will give a perfect mulching result.

The offsetting mulcher SEPPI SMO avs can be hydraulically angled from +90° to -50°, indepentently from the side shift. Maximum side shift is 136 cm [54“]. With maximum side shift the mulcher can reach up to 361 cm [142“] to the right of the tractor center line, depending on the working width.

The SEPPI safety breakaway system FLEX-SAFE™ in standard version prevents breakage of the linkage. Articulated attachment frame allows dynamic flexation.

Available working width: 175, 200, 225 cm [69", 79", 89"].

SMO avs
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