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Seppi BMS

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Newly updated, the SEPPI excavator mounted forestry mulcher BMS is more efficient, more productive, and has an attractive new design. Designed for excavators in the 15 - 30 ton class (30,000 - 66,000 lb), grass, brush and wood are easy to mulch. Attached to the arm of an excavator, all these areas can easily be reached. The SEPPI mulching head BMS comes with a forestry rotor able to mulch vegetation up to 30 cm [12"] in diameter. Covered chassis protects the drive. Forestry rotor with tempered counter knives inside the casing standard for very fine mulching result.

The new version of SEPPI BMS mulchers for excavator attachment is designed and engineered to make your operation more efficient and profitable. BMS is now: More efficient due to an improved rotor with additional exposure. More power due to motors M-BOOST with up to 40% more torque. Safer due to improved protection systems.

Available in working widths: 100, 125 150 cm [39", 49", 59"]

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