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The MULTIFORST is a multifunctional SEPPI tiller-mulcher. It tills soil and roads, mills stumps and mulches wood. It is ideal for maintaining dirt roads, for land reclamation, for the preparation of ski slopes, to clean up slash after felling operations. It is also a great machine when the soil must be slackened, stumps and stones removed for the plantation of new trees and for seeding. This shows great results both in agriculture and in greenspace maintenance, e.g. in parks.

SEPPI MULTIFORST has a very strong frame, for a very long life with reinforced frame made of wearresistant steel. Chassis with internal replaceable plates. New generation patented rotor V-LOCK with efficient tool combination of the new type, ULTRA MONO PROTECT + MONO & ULTRAULTRA MONO PROTECT + MONO & ULTRAMONO EXTREME with additional tungsten carbide inserts at points most subject to wear. Anti-wear knife supports.

SEPPI MUTIFORST is working with 2 speeds: depending on the job it is possible to adjust the speed of the PTO in the tractor: 1000 rpm for mulching wood; 540 rpm for stone crushing and soil tilling.This feature allows for a higher torque and hence better processing both during mulching wood (fast pace) and milling rocks and soil (slow pace).

Available with ADAM alignment system - Hydraulic tilting of the mulcher with PTO shaft alignment while keeping equal and W-shaped PTO shaft angles. This prevents damage to the PTO shaft and supports an ideal adaptation to the conditions of the ground -> faster working, better results, longer lifetime
of the PTO shaft plus higher lifting.

Technical requirements for operating the SEPPI MULTIFORST are creep speeds (max. 0,5 km/h) of the tractor and a hydraulic three-point tractor linkage.

Available working width: 200, 225, 250 cm [79", 89", 98"].

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