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This versatile SEPPI soil tiller and forestry tiller STARSOIL, suitable for tractors with power class between 180 and 310 HP is equipped with a new traction system that simplifies work by ensuring greater efficiency: soil tilling to a depth of 40 cm, crushing stones with a min. diameter of 30 cm and mulching wood with a diameter of 40 cm.

The new 2-speed POWESRHIFT system allows the machine to switch speed by touching a button in the cabin, producing a reduction from approx. 1500 rpm to 500 rpm, maintaining a constant speed of the PTO of the tractor. This feature allows for a higher torque and hence better processing both during mulching wood (fast gear) and crushing rocks and soil (slow gear). A further advantage is an integrated cooling system of the lateral gear transmission (standard) and the main gearbox (also combined with the new 2SPEED version). The cooling function can easily be activated from the tractor cab using the control device and the temperature can be monitored constantly through the display. This eliminates the risk of overheating of the transmission. The parallel gear transmission offers reduced width and smaller footprint. The difference between total width and operating width is minimal.

NEW! SEPPI now applies an ISOBUS control system as standard on many of our machines! The ISOBUS socket of the mulcher is connected to the tractor allowing some functions to be monitored and controlled directly by the on-board computer in the tractor.

Basic features of SEPPI STARSOIL: high performance with minimum energy consumption thanks to its lightweight construction, frame covered with replaceable anti-wear plates made of Hardox®. New generation patented rotor  V-LOCK with efficient SEPPI hammer combination of the new type, ULTRA MONO PROTECT + MONO & ULTRA MONO EXTREME with additional tungsten carbide inserts at points most subject to wear. A further piece of news is the improvement of the roller which now has a larger diameter and a higher number of toothed rings and is thus able to penetrate the soil more easily, ensuring a smooth movement of the roller. The bearing was reinforced and built into the roller to prevent wear. The new roller scraper allows for the removal of soil residue (very useful in the case of wet soil).

The innovative ADAM cardan alignment system (in standard version), to improve the adaptation of the machine to the soil. This feature of "angular compensation" is used to protect the cardan shaft and the tractor PTO from unnecessary stress caused by differences in soil.

Available working width: 225, 250 cm [89", 98"].

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