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All in one - MAXISOIL!

The SEPPI MAXISOIL is a multifunctional tiller-mulcher. It tills soil and roads, mills stumps and mulches wood. It is ideal for maintaining dirt roads, for land reclamation, for the preparation of ski slopes, to clean up slash after felling operations.

SEPPI MAXISOIL mulcher is suitable for tractors with a power class between 300 and 450 HP. The patented rotor V-LOCK has an optimised combination of new ULTRA MONO PROTECT + MONO & ULTRA MONO EXTREME fixed hammers with tungsten carbide inserts. The machine is fitted as standard with a transmission cooling system integrated with the remote temperature control device that eliminates the risk of overheating of the transmission if the work is interrupted. Double CARBONCHAIN gear belts provide high strength and length stability with high flexibility. The frame is fully protected with interchangeable Hardox® wear-proof plates. In standart version is ADAM - cardan alignment system to improve how the machine adapts to the soil. This  SEPPI ''angular compensation'' feature is used to protect the cardan shaft and the tractor PTO and MAXISOIL from unnecessary stress caused by differences in soil. Adjustable crushing bar and grill to obtain the desired degree of crushing and hydraulically adjustable hood are also the basic features.

The biggest forestry tiller and stone crusher SEPPI MAXISOIL 350 in the world: Following a request from our North American operators, we developed a mulcher-tiller-crusher with extreme dimensions. Following successful tests, SEPPI M. can present the MAXISOIL 350 tiller-crusher with unprecedented dimensions. Thanks to its sturdiness and advanced know-how, a powerful, safe and reliable machine with top operating efficiency levels has been created.

NEW by MAXISOIL! 2SPEED POWERSHIFT - 2-speed transmission already known from the past on the SUPERSOIL and STARSOIL models.  The parallel 2-speed gearbox (the so-called 2SPEED version). The rotor system can be acted upon by simply moving the mechanical lever in the main gearbox, producing a reduction from approx. 1000 rev/min to 550 rev/min, maintaining the speed of the PTO of the tractor at 1000 rev/min.

NEW! SEPPI now applies an ISOBUS control system as standard on many of our machines! The ISOBUS socket of the mulcher is connected to the tractor allowing some functions to be monitored and controlled directly by the on-board computer in the tractor.

The powerful MAXISOIL is equipped with a water injection system to bind and stabilize the soil and cool the hammers. Hydraulic controlled roller (option): down as compacting roller / depth control, up usable as guard frame

Available working width: 250, 350 cm [ 98", 138" ].

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